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Instant Gift Ideas: Art, Craft & Photography

Email Gift Certificates, Online Gift Cards & Virtual Vouchers

The following retailers offer online gift certificates and eGift cards that any art lover and craft enthusiast will both appreciate and enjoy.

Online gifts are sent electronically via email to the recipient and can be delivered either instantly or within a couple of hours (see delivery time info below).

Store Name Vendor
Online Gift Certificate
Delivery Time
Website Link

Best American Arts

Stylish and artistic handmade
gifts from American artisans:
jewelry, home decor, art quilts
and much more.

An email with your
name, gift certificate and personalized message is being sent immediately
after ordering.


Unique, powerful and historic
images from award-winning photography artists and
internationally renowned

Electronic gift
certificates arrive
within minutes
to the recipient.

Artful Home

A leading source for original
art and fine craft, decorative
objects, wall art and
much more.


E-gift certificates are delivered to the
recipient’s inbox
within an hour
of your order.

Why Should You Send Art E-Gift Certificates?

If you're looking for last minute gift ideas for a passionate art and craft lover, a frequent gallery visitor or an avid museum fan in your life, an email gift certificate is a great option.
Let your loved one enjoy contemporary oil paintings, pop-art pictures, limited edition fine-art prints and reproductions, modern and abstract sculptures, framed artistic photos, original handmade craft items or anything else that can make him happy.

Art gifts are a great way to show style, class, good taste and personal sophistication.
They reflect the passion, creativity and expressional uniqueness of the gift sender and they correspond well with the recipient's personality and passion.

When you unexpectedly need an instant gift solution that can be delivered immediately to a big art fan, especially under pressuring time constraints, it's probably one of the best practical ways to move forward.
This type of present can also work extremely well with artists, collectors, art teachers (or students) and artistic people in general.

The great advantage of instant eGift certificates is that they're emailable, which means that they can arrive quickly to their destination through the wonders of the internet.
The recipient can use the prepaid virtual voucher to purchase whatever he or she wants: from classic masterpieces to hand-signed contemporary artwork of aspiring artists.

Art gift card recipients will have the ability to select the art pieces that match their individual taste, style or home decor needs, so you're not risking buying something that they may not find appealing or suitable.

Plus, it's a very emotional gift, ideally suited for men and women alike and your loved ones will be able to order artwork that will stay with them for years to come.
They will enjoy both the process of choosing art works as well as the final item that they'll eventually decide to purchase.

Obviously, it’s neither easy nor simple to find good gift ideas for keen art lovers and lifelong collectors and art gift cards leave your guesswork behind and let your special someone put their hands on special items that they will surely be proud presenting in their home.

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