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Email Gift Certificates, Online Gift Cards & Virtual Vouchers

The following retailers offer online gift certificates and eGift cards that any workplace manager, boss or coworker will be totally thrilled to accept.

Online gifts are sent electronically via email to the recipient and can be delivered either instantly or within a couple of hours (see delivery time info below).

Store Name Vendor
Online Gift Certificate
Delivery Time
Website Link

Office Playground

A great source for a variety of
office and desktop toys which
add life and fun to any
corporate setting.

When your order is
complete, the gift
certificate code will
be sent via email
within minutes.

Why Should You Send Corporate E-Gift Certificates?

If you're looking for last minute gift ideas for your manager or your colleague and you're not exactly sure what to get, an email gift certificate is a great option.
Executive and corporate gifts are a sure way to win any employee or workplace buddy's heart and they'll be kept and used for years to come.

In the modern age, we spend most of our time at work, with our superiors, colleagues and business associates and they become like a second family to us.
When someone in the office is having a birthday, celebrating a big promotion or another happy personal event and not to mention 'Boss Day', we feel like we want to be there for them and share their big moment with a great present.

That's what executive gifts are for.

They can range from "serious" gifts like luxury office items (such as special edition pens, leather calendars, etc) and they also can be fun and even corky (like cool desktop gifts, desk toys and all sorts of innovative gizmos).
Either way, they show that you did not forget your friends in your company and that you respect and cherish them.

Corporate gifts are a wonderful tradition in many corporations and an integral part of successful business culture.
These gifts enable us to pay tribute to the men and women who turn your office to such a great place and show how much their contribution, effort and friendship are appreciated.

When you need an instant gift solution that can be delivered immediately to an employee, a manager or even the CEO of your company, particularly when you're in a rush and don't have sufficient time, it's probably the best practical way to go.

The great advantage of instant eGift certificates is that they're emailable, which means that they can arrive quickly to their destination through the internet.
The recipient can use the prepaid virtual voucher to purchase whatever he or she wants: from desk and office toys to great looking leather briefcases, fancy business card holders and so many other work related items and accessories.

Corporate gift card recipients will have the ability to select the business gifts that match their individual taste and needs, so you're not risking buying something that they may not like and the present is guaranteed to be received with open arms and gratitude.

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