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Instant Gift Ideas: Send a Gift Magazine Subscription

Email Gift Certificates, Online Gift Cards & Virtual Vouchers

The following magazine subscription services offer online gift certificates and eGift cards that any person with any area of interest, hobby or life passion, will both benefit from and cherish for a very long time.

Online gifts are sent electronically via email to the recipient and can be delivered either instantly or within a couple of hours (see delivery time info below).

Store Name Vendor
Online Gift Certificate
Delivery Time
Website Link

The name says it all.

One of the oldest, largest
and most reliable online
magazine subscription

Gift cards are
available for
immediate delivery
via email

Discount Mags

One of the most popular
magazine subscription websites
on the internet.

A gift magazine
subscription e-card is
sent to the recipient
by email once
payment has been completed

Why Should You Send Magazine E-Gift Certificates?

If you're still in the process of looking for last minute gift ideas for a close friend, a relative or an employee and you don't really know what to buy them, an email gift certificate is a great way to go.
Give the special people in your life the gift of a magazine subscription and let them enjoy print editions of the best journals this country has to offer – month after month.

When you're subscribing someone to a magazine, you're doing something wonderful for them that they will not easily forget nor ignore.
Since they will receive a new fresh issue on a regular monthly basis, they will always remember you and your thoughtfulness every time they'll pick it up from their mailbox.

It's the type of gift that constantly keeps giving.

You're giving the giftee the ability to stay on track and be well informed about issues that really matter to them, ranging from specific industry news to popular entertainment, from U.S. and world politics to their favorite hobby or unique area of interest, from sports to gardening, cooking to fashion and the list just goes on and on.
There are fantastic high-quality magazines for basically every niche, every topic and every type of audience.

Magazine gifts encourages reading, they will broaden anyone's horizons and they offer hours of fun, fascination, relaxation, inspiration, knowledge and lots of other important benefits that make it a winning gift idea.
It will last all year long and it's very inexpensive and affordable.

Whenever you're in a dire need for an instant gift solution that has to be delivered express (in minutes or even immediately), it's a brilliant option.

Instant Gift certificates are emailable and have the ability to arrive quickly to their intended recipient, by fully exploiting the capabilities of the internet.

The prepaid virtual vouchers are very flexible and you have the freedom to send the recipient either a subscription to
predefined magazines that you've selected for them or a general certificate that lets them pick the ones they're interested in, so you're not risking subscribing them to a journal that they may not particularly like or enjoy.

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