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Same Day Flower Delivery Services

All florists listed here, offer fast same-day delivery service, which makes it a perfect last-minute gift that you can send right now. If you'll place your order by the specified cut-off time, it can be successfully delivered today.

However, please read each florist's detailed delivery policy on its website before ordering. Verify that your bouquet can get delivered on time - especially on weekends (not all flower shops can handle Saturday and Sunday delivery) and around holiday and peak times.

Store Name Vendor
Cutoff Time for
Weekday Same-Day
Website Link
Flowers Fast An online florist specializing in
express delivery of fresh flowers
and gifts for any occasion and in
any price range.
12:00 PM
Recipient's Time Zone
FTD One of the most popular online floral and gifting service providers.

14:00 PM
Recipient's Time Zone
Flower Delivery Your online source for beautiful
flower arrangements for any
type of occasion, delivered
quickly to the recipient's door.
15:00 PM
Recipient's Time Zone

Sending Flowers – Info & Tips

Since flowers can be shipped and delivered quickly, practically on the very same day of your order, they're one of the most common choices for last minute gifts.
They come in various arrangements and styles and they can suite any occasion, holiday and special event.

Not completely sure what to go with?
We've prepared a few ideas and recommendations for flower deliveries:

Single-Type Flower Arrangements

You have the ability to make a powerful and dramatic statement by sending a gorgeous single-type flower arrangement - for example, an all rose bouquet.
Alternatively, you can have a large cluster of the same flower, delivered in a shiny artistic glass vase. There are lots of floral species that you can choose from: tulips, orchids, lilies, sunflowers, daisies and many others.

Mixed Bouquets

If you prefer to send a combination of flowers in different styles, shapes, colors and textures, you can order a mixed arrangement.
In case you're having a hard time deciding what flower type to go with, an assortment of flowers is probably the safest solution.

Exotic Flowers

If you wish to draw some extra attention, you can go with exotic and tropical flowers that look as if they were picked straight from a distant mysterious island.
They're not only visually appealing, they also carry an intoxicating scent that will make anybody's day.

Best Sellers

Many florists carry a "Best Sellers" section on their website.
This section showcases the customer's favorites, the most popular items that the site sells, or in other words – the sure hits that can't fail.
It's worth taking a couple of minutes to check out the various bouquets there.
Quite often, these items are being offered at discounted rates, something that can help you if you're on a pretty tight budget.

Living Plants

House plants offer a different and unique alternative to flowers and they're perfect for any standard indoor environment – workplace or domestic.
They require only a minimum of care, they last much longer than flowers and they brighten and add life to any room.


Many florists can upgrade any arrangement with an exciting set of fun extras.
Ranging from colorful satin ribbons and elegantly designed vases to personalized greeting cards, cute furry Teddy Bears and other plush animals, they can upgrade any bouquet and lift it to new heights.

Why Should You Send Flowers Today?

It's the oldest proven way to express your feelings and emotions towards your loved ones and the reason this practice has such a long successful history is quite simple: it works every time!

It perfectly suits any occasion: when you want to congratulate someone on their birthday, when you want make someone happy on Christmas or when you wish to tell your mom how much you love her on Mother's day – flowers always deliver and do the job fantastically well.

They have an immediate effect on the recipient.
Fresh flowers can dramatically improve anybody's mood, both in happy and sad times.
They cheer you up, boost your morale and instantly fill you with genuine excitement and joy.

Flowers are wonderful because they come in countless shapes and forms, which can be matched to the recipient's specific personality and character traits.
Their versatility really helps to find a great bouquet, especially when you're under significant time constraints and don't know what gift to buy.

Flower arrangements can reach the giftee fast and this is a major plus when you're desperately looking for some good last minute gift ideas.
As you probably know, there aren't that many gifts that can actually be ordered and hand delivered on the same day on a nationwide level.

When there's an urgent need for an emergency gift that has to be delivered today to a physical US address, it's surely one of your best choices.
Some florists offer special Sunday and Saturday deliveries, so your urgent situation can be resolved even during weekend, when you don't have other practical options.

Additionally, shopping for flowers is very affordable, especially online.
They're extremely inexpensive and they come in various price ranges that can suit any individual budget, small to big.

Is there a more effective way to tell someone close to you "I love you", "I'm thinking about you", "I miss you", "get well", "I'm sorry", "thank you", "congratulations" or simply "happy holidays"?
A stunning floral bouquet always does the trick under any given circumstances.

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