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Last-Minute Gift Buying Survival Guide

Having a last-minute gift emergency is one of those nightmare situations that Gift Survival Guide
nobody wants to find themselves in, but many of us do at some point in life.
It's depressing, it puts you under immense pressure and it's frustrating as hell.

You're angry at yourself for forgetting the important date, banging your head against the wall (metaphorically only, hopefully), yearning for something or someone to come along and save you from this uncalled for ordeal.

You fear the consequences of forgetting that person's special date or occasion and you can already visualize their reaction… their disappointment… their pain… their anger…
It ain't pretty and obviously it's not a road you wish to travel down.

Well, here's the good news: you don't have to.

There's ALWAYS a solution and this survival guide's mission is to equip you with solid tips and proven strategies that will get you out of this mess in one piece.

Starting Point: Formulating a Strategy

First, let's analyze the basic situation in which you're in and then examine all realistically feasible options that you have at your disposal.
The fundamental premise of this guide is that right now, you're caught between the rock and the hard place: you need to give someone a gift that has to be delivered today.

Needless to say, if your gift will not be delivered on time, it could land you in hot water.
That means that all gift options that we'll explore throughout this guide must factor in this essential requirement.
We'll focus only on proven, practical and effective strategies that can genuinely solve your urgent gift problem today.

It's absolutely essential that you stay cool, calm, and focused on your mission.
Remember, panic and hysteria will not get you far and only distract you from your sure path to puling it off successfully.
Examine the various options and then decide which one would be best for you, your specific time constraints, your budget, your recipient, etc.

Now, let's start exploring our options.

Strategy #1: Going to a Physical Store in Your Area

If you have sufficient time left, easy access to various potential gift retailers in your local area and the ability to go to a physical store, buy a gift and personally bring it to the intended recipient, it's a great option (if you don't, skip to the next suggested strategies).

When you're in a store, you have the luxury to choose from an incredibly huge selection of products.
You see the item with your own eyes, you feel it with your own hands and you can make an immediate assessment whether a certain potential gift can do the trick or not.

Please bear in mind that even if you don't have 'classic' gift shops in your area, you can turn almost any item into a thoughtful gift.
Think for a second: Do you have a bookstore in your area? A computer or electronics store? A hardware store?

When you're gravely short of time and need a quick solution, these stores can successfully avert a looming gift crisis.

Strategy #2: Sending a Same-Day Delivery Gift

If you don't have enough time or access to nearby physical stores or in case the recipient is located too far from you and there's no viable option where you can personally deliver your gift to him / her, you can send one by a courier.

Gifts like flowers, gift baskets and balloon bouquets can be ordered online and can then be sent and delivered on the very same day (if you order before the vendor's cutoff time).
This means that the actual chosen gift will be hand-delivered to the giftee within a few hours of placing your order.

It's a perfect solution if you like any of these gift ideas, if it suits the specific occasion and if you can still meet the vendor's deadline for same-day deliveries.
If you can't, move on to the next suggested strategy. 

Strategy #3: Sending an Online Gift Certificate

Even if everything else failed, if you can't buy something from a neighborhood store, if you missed the order deadline for a gift with same-day delivery and even if you need your gift to be delivered as soon as right now – there's still a very practical way you can pull it off.

Did you know that you have the ability to send online gift-certificates, which can be delivered to any recipient by email - 24 hours a day?
Many of them can be delivered instantly, so even if you need a gift certificate to be delivered at this very moment, as you read these lines – you can do it with just few mouse clicks.

All you need to do is browse the various gift-certificate categories listed on our homepage, find a store that you like and that your recipient will be happy to shop at and… that's it, you simply purchase the certificate which can then be sent to your loved one via email with a personal message that you can add.

You simply choose the desired dollar amount of your gift and your recipients can then independently select the items they want to buy from that store.
Is there a more last-minute gift than that?

Setting Your Priorities Straight

Now, after we've reviewed all the options, some of you may possibly feel disappointed.
Some people may not find the idea of sending a bouquet of flowers, a balloon arrangement, a gift basket or a gift certificate special, unique or attractive enough.

However, at this point, it's crucial to set your priorities straight.

Had you had more time at your disposal, if you had a few more days to get organized, shop around and inform yourself of other possible alternatives, life would be sweet.
Yet, when you don't have that time, it's pointless to beat yourself up about it.

Instead of regretting what you didn't do or dwelling on what you could have done, focus on what you can do and where your priorities lie.
For most people the number one priority in such a scenario should be sending a gift that can arrive on time, when it matters the most.

If you need to choose between sending an O.K. gift that arrives precisely on time and a superb gift that misses the big occasion, always go with the first.
Timing is everything in life and if your gift doesn't arrive on time when the iron is hot, you're losing an opportunity to make someone happy when they most expect it from you.

When you're under pressure, when you're under rigid time constraints and when you can't win it all, concentrate on your number one priority: having a gift delivered to your loved ones right on time.


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